Below you will find details of the individual photo guidelines. Photos that show one of the following contents can be marked and deleted. Your account can also be deleted if you do not follow our rules.

In short:
nudity or sexual content
Hateful, illegal or violent content
Pictures of children (published by them alone or without permission)
Copyright protected pictures
Pictures where you are not recognizable

When we remove a photo, we will send you an email notifying you that you have violated our guidelines. This warning is no fake and should be taken very seriously. In case of violation we will delete your account immediately.


Photos showing nudity or excessive sexual content are not allowed and will result in us deleting your profile. The focus of JUSTLO is humanity. To put it bluntly: Treat people online the same way you would treat them on the street. This also includes the upload of images.
So if you want to upload a picture, ask yourself if you would appear in public like this without freaking other people out.

So not allowed are:
sexual poses, for example with fingers in the mouth, on the bed etc.
Nudity or situations that are not appropriate in public:
Pictures where your genitals are covered by your hands, pixelated, censored with stickers, etc.
Photos in which contours of explicit body parts can be seen are also considered nude pictures.

Your pictures must be appropriate for the public. Be respectful and only post pictures of yourself that are suitable for the public. Or would you also send your profile in lingerie to your boss? Exactly.

Hateful, illegal or violent images

All images with hateful content or acts of violence, offensive, illegal or otherwise disturbing and unsuitable content for an online community will be removed and may also result in blocking.

So not allowed are:
pictures, logos, hand signals and gestures referring to hate groups
Hateful texts
Pictures with rifles or other weapons. Even if you're involved professionally. Others may feel threatened by this.
Pictures that deal with drugs
Pictures that are bloody or violent, including hunting photos
Self-injury pictures

Images with contact information
We remove images with your phone number, email address, private Instagram account, etc. A repeated violation may lead to exclusion from JUSTLO.

Photos of your children

We know that there are parents who are proud of their children and would like to show them. This is why we do not ban all pictures with children. Nevertheless we remove the following photos:

Pictures of your children where you are not to be seen.
Pictures of your children, if another parent informs us that no permission has been given for this.
Pictures of other children, even if you are in the picture.
Photos of you as a kid.

Copyright protected images

We will remove all images that have been published without permission. For example:
chat messages (in the form of screenshots) with another person.
Group or pair pictures that a person has complained about.
Pictures of children for which a parent has not given permission.
Copyright-protected pictures - let's not kid ourselves, Bruce Willis is not a member - and pictures of another photographer, as long as he contacts us.
Pictures in which you are not easily recognizable.

Your profile picture must show you clearly.

You must be clearly identifiable on your profile picture. Your picture must comply with our guidelines. Furthermore we have the following rules for your profile picture:

Not allowed:
pictures of feet, hands, breasts, buttocks, piercings, tattoos or certain facial features, pets etc.

A picture of you, on which you are well recognizable.

On images that have been edited with filters, you should still be clearly recognizable, and not a "cute mouse" version of yourself! :P

Drawings or other graphics that are of your own making but not suitable as profile pictures should only be visible to your friends. You can access the privacy settings under the lock icon when uploading.

Pictures of you as a child are certainly super cute. But these have no place with us.
You can make photos of yourself that were taken a few years ago available to friends, but you cannot set them as profile pictures.

Where can you upload pictures of yourself?

Profile picture

This picture must be of you. It must not be an extreme close-up, for example of your eyes, hands, feet etc.

Private pictures (only visible to your friends)
Pictures that you have taken. These can be your pets, places you've been, etc.
Close-ups of your pretty eyes or tattoos or your own drawings that you would like to show. Note that all the rules listed above also apply here. If you try to upload pictures here that violate our guidelines, we reserve the right to delete your account.