Rules for dealing with JUSTLO


We expect every member of JUSTLO to be respectful, friendly and compassionate in the community. We do not tolerate any hateful, offensive or harassing content on JUSTLO. 

We don't like idiots, so don't be an idiot! 

Our rule #1: Treat people online the same way you would treat them offline. 

Think about your message and see if you could talk to someone like that over a cup of coffee. 

Think with your pictures about whether the same outfit would be suitable for the public! 

Set up your profile so that you would also show it to a family member or friend. 

JUSTLO is not a place where other members would like to be confronted with sexual fantasies out of the blue or be asked to do so. You can talk to other people about things that excite you both. Enchant your counterpart in a charming way. Don't be an idiot ? 

Below you will find our community guidelines and moderation standards. If anyone harasses you or violates our guidelines, please let us know.

Violations that result in the immediate termination of your account 

Your profile


We do not accept content with pornographic content, depictions of violence or anti-constitutional symbols in your profile view. If your profile text, profile picture or name is considered offensive, hateful, fake or obscene, we will take action that may result in the deactivation of your account.


Detailed information about the guidelines for your profile picture can be found here 

There are not many restrictions for your profile name: It can be your first name, your initials or even your nickname. We will not ask you to show any identification to verify your name, because we trust that your profile name is appropriate! Copyright also applies here - pictures of other persons, public figures or other pictures obtained from the Internet should not be uploaded to JUSTLO. You decorate your JUSTLO profile best with your own content, which is also best received by other users.

We also ask all of our users to report conspicuous pictures and texts, and are grateful for any comments in this regard.


You should also only maintain one profile, further profiles of one and the same user will be deleted by us. If you repeatedly create profiles, we will also delete your main profile irrevocably.


Communication on JUSTLO


Opinions, preferences, settings and views of other users are to be respected. This diversity is what makes our society and also JUSTLO- be a part of our community! However, respectful interaction also includes accepting that you accept when another user does not want to communicate with you.


Hate speech in the form of discriminatory or humiliating remarks based on race, disability, nationality, ethnicity and origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief, appearance or physical characteristics shall not be expressed.


It is also prohibited to harass, defame, intimidate, spread rumours and false or misleading information, profanity and/or vulgarity that is intended to offend or attack.


Advertising, spam and junk mail are also not permitted on JUSTLO.


The encouragement, portrayal or support of suicide or self-injury is strictly prohibited.


JUSTLO is an online community. We have nothing to do with pornography, therefore the following prohibitions apply:


Sexually suggestive or provocative profile texts or pictures are not permitted. Detailed information about the guidelines for your profile picture and other photos can be found here, but we will summarize our rules briefly for you here:



Nudity or excessively sexualised content and exposure of any genitalia at any time are prohibited.


Also forbidden are lingerie, sexual poses, inappropriate or revealing clothing. Swimwear is only allowed in or near outdoor swimming pools or waterways.


If your profile is reported as sexually offensive, it will be blocked.


We do not allow hateful or illegal pictures (Nazi pictures, racist pictures, pictures showing weapons, illegal drugs or other violent objects). Graphic representations of threats of violence against persons or animals are also prohibited.


Photos with contact information, including references to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, email address, phone number, etc., are removed.


Photos of you as a child or pictures of your children where you are not visible will also be removed.


We will also remove any image for which the copyright owner requests removal, or where we have strong suspicion that the user is not the copyright owner.


In case of multiple violations or in extreme cases we reserve the right to block and remove your profile.


Real users - real profiles


No fake profiles are allowed on JUSTLO. Your profile must be yours and should be intended for communication purposes. If you create a fake account, all your accounts will be suspended, including your real master account.


Your JUSTLO profile data must correspond to the truth. This ensures that you will find the users you are looking for.



For your own safety and that of other users


Never give the access data for your means of payment to another user (PayPal, credit card information, etc.). Do not attempt to access private financial data from other users. Do not send messages that redirect other users to external websites. JUSTLO does not allow requests for gifts or services or the disclosure of private information from other users.


Always be careful about who you give out private information about yourself to. Every user is encouraged to contact us should he or she stumble across a fake account or a fraudster. One sign that the person is a scammer or someone who is up to no good is when the person is in a hurry to exchange private contact information. Reasons for this may be that the person wants to take you away from JUSTLO or wants to pass on your data to third parties (individuals or companies). You are better protected if you communicate through JUSTLO and do not give out your phone number or other contact information. If we expose a user as an impostor, we delete him/her immediately. If you notice a user who hastily discloses his phone number or e-mail address and this seems strange to you, please report it to us. We'll take care of it and if necessary we'll lock him up.


What we take for granted, but still want to mention


Promotion of any illegal content is prohibited. This includes illegal sexual acts, drug trafficking, fraud, threats or other illegal activities. We also do not tolerate any kind of discussion about sex with minors!



Who may use JUSTLO?


You must be at least 18 years old to use JUSTLO. Although we only allow registration for people over 18 years of age, unfortunately some people falsify their age. If you suspect that another Our has not yet reached the age of 18, please contact us. If you knowingly engage in inappropriate conversation with a user who turns out to be underage, we will also have to block your profile.


We need your help


Please help us to make JUSTLO as safe as possible for you and all other users. If you see someone who is not following our guidelines, please contact our support at any time.


Here you can contact our support.


Our guidelines are comprehensive and cover most of the cases where we need to intervene. However, the list can be expanded at any time and therefore we reserve the right to exclude users from JUSTLO for any reason we deem appropriate.